Blue shining fiber optic

What is Polarity and Why is it Important?

Network technicians installing and managing fiber cabling in data centers would be wise to take a page out of the “Ghostbusters” playbook: “When it comes to crossing the streams … be careful!”

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thinking woman with question mark on gray wall background

Common Data Center Terms

If you are new to the data center industry, then it can sound like your tech folks are speaking a different language when it comes to your infrastructure.

“The data center industry can be complicated to get a grasp on. Part of the reason for that are the terms and lingo,” says the experts at datacenterHawk.

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Hexatronic Group's Climate Action Week

This week the companies in Hexatronic Group are participating in Climate Action Week. Our goal is to contribute to a more sustainable society by taking a holistic approach to sustainable development. As a global player in fiber expansion, we play an important role in the impact of current and future connectivity infrastructures. We want our actions now to contribute to a more sustainable society in the future.

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