The 4 Critical Elements of Fiber Cable Management

Cable dressing or fiber cable management is much more than about appearances and keeping a neat-looking work environment in your data center but has everything to do with cable traceability, cooling efficiency, minimizing downtime, and reducing operational costs.

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Link Loss

Fiber Optic Cable Link Loss Explained

The backbone of today’s high-speed internet is based on fiber optic cables which can deliver greater bandwidth at faster speeds over longer distances than traditional copper cables.

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Data Center Speed

The Future of Data Centers

The unprecedented pace of digital transformation since the pandemic started may have many CIOs nodding wistfully at those “Life Comes at You Fast” and “Wanna Get Away” commercials.

After all, McKinsey & Company estimated that in just a matter of months at the onset of the pandemic in 2020, digital offerings leapfrogged seven years of progress. The pace has hardly slowed down since, though some are taking a slight breather this summer to take stock of their digital infrastructure and ponder the future of data centers.

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How are Data Centers Affected by Extreme Weather?

When it comes to extreme weather and data centers you might expect to look to the sky for signs of threatening storm clouds and the damaging winds, rain and flooding that can pose a risk to infrastructure.

While hurricanes, tornadoes and other high-profile natural disasters certainly affect data centers and their ability to maintain operations, the truth this summer is that even on crystal clear days extreme weather is affecting data centers as a heat wave washes across the globe.

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Ecoloy illustration Lamp bulb with clean nature and renewable energy symbol inside

Technology is Shaping Sustainability, Advancing Productivity and Efficiency

Our planet's future is important to all of us so contributing to sustainability has become a universal goal across all businesses and sectors.

“Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword, but an environmental, economic and social driver that’s changing our day-to-day lives in almost every way imaginable,” wrote Mark Schwartz in Forbes. “This is obvious throughout the business community, in which committing to sustainable practices is no longer a “nice to have” but a “must do” as the negative impacts of climate change become more obvious and ominous, with the potential to alter everything from supply chains to profitability.”

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